Have you served in the Armed Forces?

Do you find it difficult to hear the TV, radio, doorbell or phone?

Do you struggle to hear conversations in social gatherings? Or perhaps you have tinnitus?

If so the Aged Veterans Project can help! The Project is a service provided by Action on Hearing Loss in Northern Ireland based in Adelaide Street Belfast. It offers information and support to veterans with hearing loss and tinnitus, and their families and carers. The focus is on working with veterans born before 1950, although all requesting support will be given assistance. The project is funded by the Chancellor, using LIBOR Funds, and will run until 2020.

Hearing loss is a common health issue in the Armed Forces. Veterans under 75 are 3 times more likely to experience hearing loss than the general population according to the “lost voices” report collated by the Royal British Legion. Many veterans have been repeatedly exposed to loud noise from small arms fire, artillery, engines and other machinery, and explosions. The Aged Veterans Project worker offers information and support in easy-to-access local community settings and people’s homes throughout Northern Ireland. They make sure veterans, their families, and their carers get the support they need to address their concerns about their hearing loss and tinnitus.

Examples of what they offer are;

  • Basic hearing checks
  • Support before and after hearing aids have been fitted
  • Equipment to trial
  • Referrals to other sources of support
  • Tinnitus support
  • Befriending
  • Employment support
  • Deaf awareness training

For more information about the Aged Veterans Project contact: Mark Ewing
Telephone: 028 9555 4125
Email: mark.ewing@hearingloss.org.uk
Twitter: @hearinglossNI

Or to make a referral telephone: 07990 441824 or 028 9023 9619