Be it the unlimited access to ‘easy at home recipes’ on the internet, the rise in sharing photos and videos of food on platforms like Instagram, or simply the relaxation of traditional gender roles, men are now cooking more than they ever have. The kitchen is evolving from the traditional female domain to a place where men are getting more involved and feeling more comfortable. Statistics shows that 43% of millennial men are now cooking and spending on average 49 minutes a day doing so.

Realistically, there will come a time in everyone’s life where they will need to be able to cook even the simplest meal. You cannot rely on always having someone in your life to cook or provide for you and with the wealth of information available to you there is really no excuse. The benefits of being able to cook for yourself are numerous;

It’s healthier

  • Cooking your own food ensures that you are aware of exactly what you are putting into your body
  • You are in control of the ingredients you buy and the quantity you use
  • The more you improve your cooking skills the tastier the food you make and the more likely you are to choose a healthier home-made alternative to fast food/eating out

It’s cheaper

  • Staying in is the new going out- cooking at home is a much cheaper alternative to spending money eating out
  • Buying ingredients and cooking in bulk allows you to save huge amounts of money which can be spent elsewhere


It is an attractive quality

  • Statistics show that women are more attracted to men who can cook
  • The skill demonstrates independence, maturity, and an ability to take care of yourself and others
  • It can also be an activity you share with your partner, creating the time to cook together can be really beneficial to your relationship

It can be fun

  • Cooking is a hobby for many people who enjoy creating delicious meals
  • As your confidence in the kitchen grows you can become more adventurous, challenging yourself to more complex dishes
  • It can be a creative outlet, focusing not only on the taste but the presentation of your food

Our advice is to start slow and be patient. Like any skill, cooking takes practise. Try to master a few essential skills and staple dishes first and go from there. We’ve provided some useful links and food inspiration below.