When you become a parent you are guaranteed to experience situations, problems, or issues that you never expected. This is perhaps most true for a Dad with a daughter, the unique experience of raising a daughter brings with it a host of unique circumstances. One brand new obstacle that many dad’s experience is learning the art of hairstyling.

hair styling

The realm of ponytails and plaits may be unchartered territory for most men but that doesn’t mean that the job of hairstylist has to fall to the resident female. The benefits of learning to do your daughters hair, even in the most basic sense, are numerous. Perhaps the most important advantage is the resulting time you will spend with your daughter. Being actively involved and present through activities like this will only strengthen your relationship. The process will likely include some disastrous attempts but it may be the case that in a few short years, when she no longer needs your help, that you’ll realise how much it meant to you. Alongside this, you will likely be taking some pressure off your partner if you can help contribute to making your child look semi-respectable. For those going through a separation or having lost their partner, sharing parental duties like this ensure that you are both capable as a team but also by yourself.

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Be patient, enjoy the time spent together, and learn a new skill. Do you do your daughters hair? How difficult was it to begin with? Would you be interested in learning how to do this? Join or start the conversation below.