Gay and Bisexual Dads

The Rainbow Project in Belfast runs a group for men who may be married, have still not come out, or have come from a previous heterosexual relationship where they have become fathers. The project provides a safe and confidential space to meet with other men in similar situations. Advice and support is also available on coming out; managing family life as a gay or bisexual man as well as providing an opportunity for them to talk openly and safely about being either a gay or bisexual father.

Currently there are around 20 members ( as of December 2019) but attendance at the monthly meetings is usually around 6 people, so if you’re worried about walking in to a room full of strangers it’s not a large group. New members can simply sit and listen and do not have to share or participate until they feel comfortable to do so. There is a strict confidentiality policy which all group members must adhere to as some group members may not be out or are still living with partners in a fragile situation. Most meetings are usually support group format at The Rainbow Project premises where attendees have a chat over pizza. Workshop based meetings are always an option for the group or there may be occasional social meet-ups off the premises. This would normally entail either a light meal or coffee and is just an opportunity to socialise, if you are comfortable to do so.

Group members have said: 

  • “I love coming to the group, the support is very valuable to me”
  • “This group has been a life saver for me, I had no one else to turn to but everyone in the group knows where I’m coming from”
  • “I haven’t been to a meeting yet but just being on the contact list and knowing that the support is there really means a lot to me, I hope to come to a meeting in the near future”

 For more information please feel free to contact Joe on 0289031 9030 or