If a property has been appropriately adapted or has additional features to facilitate a disabled persons needs, there is the potential for 25% discount in the household rates. This allowance is not means tested and you do not have to disclose information about your household income or savings when applying.  There must be a clear link between how the property has been adapted and the person’s disability.

Qualifying criteria:

  • a person with a disability lives on the premises
  • the property has been adapted or has additional facilities added to suit the disabled person’s needs

Adaption criteria

  • a room, other than a kitchen, bathroom or toilet, which is wholly used by the person with a disability for treatment or therapy
  • floor space to use a wheelchair easily
  • an extra kitchen for the person with a disability
  • an extra toilet for the person with a disability (including an ensuite)
  • an extra bathroom (including extra toilets and an ensuite)

To apply for Disabled Person’s Allowance (DPA), the person who pays the rates must send a completed application form either by email or by post. Download the application form here or request a paper copy be sent out to you by contacting LPS on 03002007801

When applying for DPA, you need to include information about the person’s disability together with any supporting medical evidence and  information about the actual adaption’s made to accommodate the disabled person’s needs. If necessary, LPS may contact the disabled person’s GP (with their consent). A follow up home visit may occur which will be carried out by a member of the Disabled Person’s Allowance team.

In the event of you paying the rates bill in full whilst your application is pending, a refund will be made for any overpayment.