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MaleMenu provides quality, up to date information on topics that affect and interest men. MaleMenu is also an online hub for men; a place we can all go to discuss, debate, socialise and have a laugh. With your help, we will be the go-to information marketplace for men online.

The “listen to” facility allows you to listen to all our articles being read aloud.  We also offer a written multilingual translation facility on each topic, offering 13 of the most used languages. We feel these facilities enhance the uniqueness and individuality of our site.

About MaleMenu

I started MaleMenu after my mother died and I was searching on behalf of my dad for information on bereavement and things for him to do in our local area.  As I explored various websites it became apparent that there was no centralised site for males. Various sites covered specific topics i.e. parenting, fitness, or health but no one site offered a go to for men that did not pigeon-hole their needs. Alongside this, my previous employment involved liaising with maternity services and health visiting where I also witnessed a severe lack of engagement with fathers. And thus MaleMenu was born. The site is designed to be helpful, resourceful, practical and informative. The articles we share address a wealth of topics and our TALK section offers conversation and peer to peer support on subjects that are both serious and light hearted.